Who We Are

At Gatta Films, L.L.C., we focus on producing independent films, and on writing screenplays and stage plays.

Our first film, White Rock Boxing, is available on Amazon Instant Video. This film about a local boxing gym that trains national champions, was produced by me, Laura P. Valtorta, and directed by Cliff Springs.

"Disability," my second film, won prizes at Shorts Showcase in 2014 (www.shortsshowcase.com) and at the 2015 World Fest in Houston.

"The Art House" is also available on the Shorts Showcase as a 2015 entry. We hope to make   "the Art House Teacher," a longer film about Ginger Westray's days as the first black teacher to integrate the Pelion, SC, school district in the 1970s.

"Queen of the Road," a documentary about female truck drivers, is in production now.

Gatta Films, L.L.C. has launched four successful independent films: White Rock Boxing, "Disability," "Water Women," and "The Art House."

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